Phoenix Rising

Australisches Fundholz, Eisen geschmiedet

„Phoenix Rising" has derived fom my observation of the Tasmanian landscape with its many single standing, burnt and twisted reminiscent of what once were beautiful, healthy and vigorous trees; surrounded by so many radiant family members and friends, together breathing the song of life.
Their mutilated presence is so strong, their image stays with me all the time, touching deep inside. so often I have the wish for them to develop wings and turn into „roaring birds", releasing their silent scream to be heard loud and powerful. My ears are hurting, when I pass by in my car.

If they could just develop wings like the „Phoenix" and rise out of the ashes, still glowing under the iron bars of what we label as culture. To remind us of our own fragile, so badly neglected little seedling growing within each of us, always carrying the potential to develop, likewise into a big , radiant, beautiful tree full of life-energy. If it is just given the chance to escape the iron bars of restriction, society places on us. To develop wings and learn to fly and sing the song of life.

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